Welp, That Happened.  (First Monday in the City)


CAM00640  CAM00721CAM00651

I almost missed my flight leaving Florida.  I cleaned up and organized my room and threw stuff out and burned countless piles of paper days before and up until the last, and I almost didn’t leave.  I said many goodbyes and had two bon voyage parties and kissed my cats several times and thought I’d packed what I could (two big bags and a small carpet bag carry-on) and I almost missed the flight: because of a navigation error and a full parking terminal and a jittery hand scrolling past “add additional bags” on the self-service kiosk and a few extra TSA checkpoints that made no sense.   My mom insisted on taking multiple pictures of stressed-me smiling and a 40-something guy offered freaked-out-me lunch or at least a drink if I didn’t make my flight and they called my name over the intercom as I sprinted, half in my shoes, to Gate 2 for the most final of final boarding calls.  And then I was on, and we waited, and then we were rolling on the tarmac, and Florida finally vomited me out.


CAM00632 (1)


Thoughts on Leaving

–Did that airport guy really just ask me my age when my dad asked him where I was to check in for Delta?

— Hell yes, my carry-on carpet-bag fits (I always wanted a carpet bag)

— TSA better not have jacked my stuff

–That Mercury in retrograde ALMOST had me.

–“Running Late to Airplanes: A Memoir” 

Three hours later, a long interlude in a baggage claims office while I was trying to get online with my phone to access my bank account to pay my Metro PCS bill to access the internet again (those Catch 22’s are forever in style) while listening to some guy with an open bag complaining about his stolen Kindle and a disgruntled Brooklyn hipster saddened by the state of customer service:

“This company is just making it harder for those who have lost their bags to reclaim them…My favorite shirt? What kind of a question is that? They are all my favorite shirts, how’s that for a favorite?…..Well your manager has a manager who has a manager who has a manager, right?”


Now I’m here, in NYC.   So in a way, this is the year-long-prophesied follow-up to my “Me and I” page.  It’s me, in the future, now, with nothing but the NYC part filled in.


I’m staying at my best friend’s place until I find a sublet, I’ve already been to two amazing free workshops (gentrification and book-binding) , and I’ve got an interview tomorrow.

Wish me luck.



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