Me and I


In California, born, then in  Florida, raised

on a playground and/or reading books

was how I spent many of my young days.

reading, thinking, thinking too much….

and that’s about as far as the Fresh Prince’s slick rhymes will take me, but hell, at least the awkward intro’s over.

My name is Sandy, Sandra on my birth certificate, or Cassandra if my mom’s trying to emphasize a point.

I’m 22 years old, took my first trip out of the country last spring when I went abroad (otherwise known as, “let me tell you about that time I went to London” or “how I left the country without buying a return ticket,” hashtag best/worst decision ever) spent the last year going full circle forgetting those adventures, losing myself to the insanities of academia and anxieties 99.9% self-created, and remembering the memories only to miss them without any recourse to a repeat performance.

(Read: broke and a little bent, I’m home to regroup, renew, and write.)

I have now arrived at that wonderful point in life John Mayer called “the quarter life crisis”(give or take a few years) or as I prefer, the No Man’s Land of the Post-Grad Summer-Sans Plans.

Before this, I spent every summer during college travelling. First year I went WWOOFing for the first time in North Carolina, the second year I wwoofed and couchsurfed my way up the east coast of the US to the anarchist/art Beehive Collective in Maine , and this time last summer I had finished a month wwoofing in Ireland and was halfway through my Spanish immersion program in Granada. So yes, this summer is certainly a change of pace.

I just graduated from the New College of Florida, the  honors college that very few have heard and even fewer believe to be accredited, yet one of the best known and well-recommended by US News & World Report and the Princeton Review, etc., with a liberal arts degree, a focus in Humanities, and a 95 page thesis on… Mermaids.

As in, YES, I have achieved “self-conscious walking cliche” status, it says so on my diploma.

Two weeks ago, I joined the herds of post-grads in the mass exodus back to the parental, too small hometown for what is now known as Summer, Indefinitely. I’m here on the east coast of Florida, beginning to steadily apply (and be steadily rejected) from low wage retail/food industry jobs in the hopes that I find something to tide me over until I get THE INTERNSHIP, move to THE CITY, and/or find THE JOB, (LOVER, HOBBY,PERFECT INSTAGRAM PICTURE OPPORTUNITIES amirite?).

This blog is a record of my journey through and forward, with some flashbacks along the way.


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