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Homeward Stuck: The first three weeks back in town, a quick rundown.




On the first week, I slept in until one, thought of calling to hang out with a few people, went back to bed.  My mom was still driving to her work, so I was home alone for many a daytime sans a car, or renewed license for that matter. Ate, slept, thought of cleaning my room. Did my laundry.  Was relieved to be away. And God saw that it was good, and smiled.


On the second week, I also slept, but started making mentions to my mother of getting a job, needing a space away from the house to make my own. “Oh hun, take it easy, you just got home, give yourself some time” she said, in an almost direct quote. I visited a lot with family and almost family: went to the beach with my adopted grandmother’s husband, Bob, for the Sunday walk with the dog, slept over at my cousins’ house quite a bit, generally enjoyed myself. Snapchatted with friends, didn’t really miss anybody. Went in to the Tabuleh Café which had a small sign in the door that said “in need of server”, met the main waitress, Cheryl, whom my mother knew, and asked for an application, which they did not have, but did get a quick interview with the owner, Mike, on the spot; he said to bring in my resume and he’d see what he could do.  I connected again with old family friends who had moved back home from the Azores, continually checked craiglist, even went so far as to text someone who wanted potential candidates for an easy money editing job to do so, never got an answer.  .  I was happy to disappear/hibernate for a while.  I slowly sunk back, settled back into place in Stuart.  And God saw that it was good.

On the third week, my mom got pissed.

 She started complaining about me not having a job and not having applied anywhere yet.  And I realized that it was three weeks into summer and that I was out of the running in any competition against those hardworking veterans of the summer job, “the high schoolers,” because hell, they had all already begun working, and I was probably already out of the running.  So that Friday, we sat down and my mother helped me renovate my resume. And I will not lie; I doubted. I doubted very much that there was anything I needed to do to refurbish it (update a little, but how does one fix a resume?) until she we sat down and plunked around and she asked me questions about dates and durations and added ellipses and fancied up my formatting. Two hours later, there was a beautiful resume! and God saw that it was good and we drove around handing in copies to various businesses around town which I, having just lived most of the last four years in Sarasota, had never frequented, to which I had no direct contacts, and for which I had nothing but two months of farmer’s market Saturdays selling vegetables to qualify as “retail” experience. I also spent a memorable morning at Einstein Bros looking up internships and realizing just how badly I wanted to get back to Europe. This was a seed which would be sown later.


During the next few days, I continued to check Craigslist, picked up an application for Surf Central, took it to the car to fill out, promptly f*cked it up and didn’t go back in to pick up another copy until the next day or so, filled it out while my mom was washing the car, messed it up again with large scratches-outs over some of the words, turned it in anyway, awkwardly introduced myself to the bartender at Terra Firmata, pretended “new girl knows nobody, help a cutie out” syndrome, gave resume to the bartender, began and did not finish an application to Fresh Market online, and finally, went in to Planet Ozone, the first green gas station in the country where lies the Tabuleh Café at the back of this curious place which is more of a mini Whole Foods than a gas station, and finally gave Mike my resume, two weeks after that initial interview. Two weeks later, I figured they had already hired someone, so it was with a mix of trepidation and resignation that I handed my resume over to Mike as he stood at the cash register.


And Mike looked at it, sighed, then said: “Come in tomorrow at eleven and we’ll see how ya do.”  And God saw that it was good, and I smiled, because I was employed.  Just like that.



On the fourth week, KBG came to visit!